About Us

Find out about the history of Koala Black Garlic

When we were selling our house in WIndsor in Sydney we met the real estate photographer who told us not only to produce garlic as we intended but to produce black garlic. We looked into Black Garlic and discovered that is was an excellent product, although very expensive to produce. After some thought we decided to go ahead and produce black garlic.

We moved to Glencoe on the New England Tablelands in NSW and started our journey.

Stage 1 -Growing our Own Garlic

We grew our own garlic at first as you can see in the image. The New England is fine place to produce garlic as garlic needs a few frosts. We were able to produce 500 kg of raw garlic.

We made our first black garlic from this crop.

Stage 2 - To Market, To Market...Growth

We then took our Black Garlic to markets (Armidale, Inverell, Uralla, Tamworth, Moree, Currabubula) in the NE of NSW.

A number of businesses and restaurants in Glen Innes and Sydney statrted to sell our products.

Our products sold so well that we could not keep up with the amount of garlic we could grow so we had to source our garlic from a Queensland grower.

We extended our range of products from black garlic bulbs to Cloves, Salt, Powder, Paste and Honey.

Stage 3 - Expansion

During the last couple of years we have been working on exporting our product and moving to an industrial site to increase our capacity.

Our powder also has come to the attention of complementary medicine suppliers and we are currently working to supply this market.

The journey continues...